Piece of Cake 1: Moggy on Politics

Whenever you look at those pictures of young Battle of Britain pilots stretched out in the sun during the summer of 1940, with their Spitfires and Hurricanes being refueled and rearmed in the background, do you ever wonder what they’re talking about?

In his brilliant novel Piece of Cake, Derek Robinson chose to portray the ‘Few’ as human beings: short on life experience, bolshy and often amusing whether intentional or not. After all, while their deeds in the air were brave and their sacrifices were great, we are talking about a lot of 21-year-old boys who have been given the fastest aeroplanes in the world to play with.

Much of Robinson’s dialogue was lifted wholesale for the TV adaptation, such as this clip where the squadron troublemaker ‘Moggy’ Cattermole ruminates on life after a German invasion and falls out with the exiled Czech pilot, Haducek, who takes the war rather more seriously than his colleagues…

For more information on Derek Robinson and his brilliant novels, visit: www.derekrobinson.info

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