A regular Renaissance man

Martin Field is someone who’s turned a love of the most elegant, powerful, competitive and evocative machinery of the 20th Century into a whole raft of little gems. He’s turning his career as a technical illustrator and model engineer into a ‘fun consultancy’ for those with an eye for the fine things in life.

It’s always fun catching up with Martin’s latest project… which could be anything from modelling a traditional wooden motorboat to capturing the beauty of a canal boat engine on paper or carving the master mould for a 1/32 model kit. Among the many projects he’s been busy with recently are a slot car model of the unique Ferrari 126 C2 from the 1982 US GP West at Long Beach:

Completed slot car kit: Gilles Villeneuve, 1982

Completed slot car kit: Gilles Villeneuve, 1982

A 1/43 Raysoncraft drag boat and custom trailer kit:

Lovely little combo!

Lovely little combo!

A watercolour of the delicious Supermarine S6b Schneider Trophy winner:

A vision in blue: Martin's S6b

A vision in blue: Martin’s S6b

Martin’s always on the hunt for an interesting project, so if you’ve got an idea for anything that nobody else does, and want it done better than most people would manage, why not check out his website.


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