Splendid entertainment

Slightly off topic but what a brilliant documentary the BBC pulled out of the bag in its recent effort The Flying Scotsman: A Rail Romance.

A little bit of diversity at the S&G

A little bit of diversity at the S&G

Of course we are all aware of the apple green machine’s enduring beauty but, not being a fully paid-up member of the coal-fired brigade, the history of the old girl has passed me by. It was always the one engine I hoped might one daygrace my modest Hornby layout as a child, but Dad insisted that we ran the GWR rolling stock he remembered from his school hols… as he was footing the bill it seemed churlish to deny him that, but one couldn’t help but pass a lingering eye over the bright, shiny Scotsman.

Doubtless a real expert would have been left exasperated by its omissions and inaccuracies, but for a layman the programme was deeply satisfactory. There are 17 hours left to watch it on the iPlayer, otherwise bonne chance with finding a re-run in the recesses of satellite broadcasting. It will be worth the effort…

What a corker!

What a corker!


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