On the way home from Goodwood…

In the heady days when Easter Monday meant Goodwood and the sight of Grand Prix and sports car machinery at full chat, one place where autograph hunters had a happy time of it was the Spread Eagle in Midhurst. For drivers travelling from afar this was a decent spot to rest one’s head, while for others it was simply the favourite watering hole on the road back towards London.

The Spread Eagle remains a picturesque spot

The regular crowd included the likes of Leslie and Mike Hawthorn (and Mike’s celebrated Members), Duncan Hamilton, Tony Rolt and the rest of the cream of British racing talent of the era. Arguments would be thrashed out and wounds would be licked, ale would be savoured and then everyone would head for home – although possibly with a detour to the Bricklayer’s Arms on the way.

The local charms are clear to see in the Spread Eagle

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