Revival revives pre-66 parking

There is some good news for the traditionalists, as the Goodwood Revival has announced the return of infield parking for pre-1966 cars only at this year’s event.

This very pretty Porsche will be out among the Mondeos and Imprezas in 2013

This very pretty Porsche will be out among the Imprezas in 2013

In a crowded marketplace it’s clear that any event must grow to survive. The Revival has consistently managed to stage one of the most staggering displays of historic racing in the world – and added a host of other retro attractions.

In its first few years, parking within the circuit was reserved for cars built before 1966 – the year in which Goodwood closed as a race track and meant that the period ambiance was kept as closely as possible to that of the circuit’s heyday. In recent years the ambiance has become less of a recreation of Goodwood’s own past and more of a three day fancy dress party – with around 80 per cent of the 135,000 visitors choosing to wear costumes – and this has included giving prominence to post-1966 vehicles.

But not in 2013.

A press release from Goodwood states that the ‘new’ Revival infield car park – known as the Hawthorn Infield Parking – allows owners of pre-1966 vehicles the option to become an integral part of the Goodwood Revival.   This new 200 vehicle daily capacity, pre-1966 vehicle park, will be located inside the Goodwood Motor Circuit perimeter at the Revival, positioned on the inside of circuit, along the Lavant Straight.

The Stag and the TR6s won't get admittance to the pre-66 area

The Stag and the TR6s won’t get admittance to revived pre-66 parking

Parking in the pre-66 car park will cost £70 for Revival Friday and £90 per day for Revival Saturday and Sunday. The Hawthorn Infield Parking is an additional attraction to the Goodwood Revival, and customers will still need valid general admission tickets in order to gain entry into the event.

One suspects that Mike Hawthorn, who famously scaled fences and breached bushes to get into Goodwood without paying, would be pretty amused by the idea!

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