Posh clothes from Goodwood

If one’s wardrobe is in need of a suitable whiff of the 1950s pit lane then Goodwood has joined the retro motorsport fashion fray with a collection by Belstaff.

Clearly aimed at the Suixtil demographic, the Goodwood, Sports & Racing range features such gems as a sweater called Collins, a jacket called Glover and trousers called Farnham. It’s all rather nice but S&G’s eye was rather drawn to a white t-shirt which weighs in at a stupefying 135 Euros.

You can visit the website here if you’re interested in having a gander at clothing modelled by some rather fey looking young chaps who look like they’re auditioning for a sixth form production of Withnail & I. Alternatively you can just have fun picking out the cars, drivers and races from Goodwood and Brooklands that are featured in the promo film:

A Valentine’s Gift Worth Receiving

There is a fair amount of tat in the world, much of it on sale in the multitude of Ferrari Stores that have opened up from Maranello to Dubai and beyond. But every so often a little something bucks the trend.

Witness the Bluebird cufflinks produced by GTO London, for example…

bluebird cufflinks

Made to replicate the streamlined disks fitted to each corner of Sir Malcolm Campbell’s Land Speed Record cars of the 1930s, these are really rather special. It’s the fact that they lack any real ‘novelty’ value and are just pretty things in themselves that really wins you over. That they’re a fair representation of such an iconic line of cars from 1931 to 1937 is an added bonus:


Each cufflink is handmade in hallmarked sterling silver, finished with a black rhodium plated ‘tyre’ and deep blue iolite stone wheel centres. They have been developed with the Campbell family and carry their official approval. For more details visit www.gtolondon.com or visit their outlets in Selfridges (Oxford Street) and Harrods (Terminal 5 Store).