Revival shows off its chic

Daily galleries from this year’s Goodwood Revival have served to hearten many – S&G and a number of readers included – who feared that the whole thing was tipping towards a ghastly mélange of mis-matched uniforms, bothersome hippies and comedy Gestapo outfits. The ante was clearly upped, mobile phones were generally less obvious than they have been of late and the weekend looked much the better for it.

So, for galleries brimming with beautifully-crafted images of Sloaney girls dressing in their grandmothers’ glad rags and grey-haired wannabe fighter pilots, feel free to check out LM’s website here:

Sunday best

Saturday smashers

Friday gor-blimey

And now here’s a bit of pre-war action from the Goodwood Trophy – which is, believe it or not, exactly what the Revival is all about: