Welcome to the Scarf and Goggles

Welcome to this celebration of the Age of Adventure. If you want to break away from the mundane and be inspired by the pioneers of speed on land, sea or air then it’s to be hoped that this is the blog for you. The pages of the Scarf and Goggles are dedicated to the days when the world was much larger and getting around it took far more than the click of a mouse.

We’ll revisit the stories with prose and pictures. We’ll provide some music and motion pictures for atmosphere. We’ll revisit the scenes of now-legendary deeds and explore the places where you can enjoy a day exploring the past for yourself. If that all seems a bit wordy then a thumbnail summary of what you’ll find here is…

Adventure on the Land: motoring and motor sport from the 19th Century to the birth of the Mini

Adventure on the Sea: the best of the 20th Century’s pleasure boats, high speed craft and most opulent ocean liners

Adventure in the Air: from Count Zeppelin and the Wright Brothers to the Sound Barrier and the Jet Set

Welcome aboard and enjoy the ride…



15 thoughts on “Welcome to the Scarf and Goggles

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  2. Hello.

    I have only just found this blog through a link at TNF. As an American aero- and autocentric Anglophile, I’ve been quite impressed with what I’ve seen so far, and am looking forward to new entries as well as “catching up!”

    Is there a link to the Birkin film? If so I couldn’t locate it in the blog post.


  3. A very interesting site.Please feel free to see my rail and slot car museum at bernardsslotcarmuseum.com I noticed the photo of Kennedys 1930s toy race track. I have several of these original cars which you can see on my website. Thanks,Bernard

    • Many thanks, Bernard. Glad you are enjoying it. What an amazing collection you have on show there – a real history of the hobby. Very, very interesting stuff indeed thanks for that.

    • Thanks, Jack. That means a lot. I’ve been rather tied up with a new book, it’s run slightly over deadline and put up a fight worthy of the grand finale of Game of Thrones. Should be done this week – normal service will be resumed. Promise. Stop groaning at the back.

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